IAAS Hohenheim


The IAAS Hohenheim meets every Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. (during lecture-times) in the AStA-Building (Kirchnerstr. 5, 70599 Stuttgart).

Jenny (Executive Board)

I am studying Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production (M.Sc.) at the University of Hohenheim. My motivation to join IAAS was to balance theoretical lectures with practical excursions and the international and intercultural experience you gain. The best thing about it is, that you can bring in your own ideas and support their realisation with a great bunch of people.


I am studying in the M. Sc. Bioeconomy at the University of Hohenheim in southern Germany and am now a member of IAAS since 2012. IAAS is for me an excellent compensation to the theoretical University lectures. With excursions, seminars and exchange weeks you get a practical insight into what is going on in Agriculture on a global level. 


I am a new member of IAAS and started studying Agricultural Sciences (B.Sc.) in October 2016. 

I really like the idea of spending time with people that share the same interests and I think that there is a really good team spirit in the IAAS group of Hohenheim which motivates me to join the group and organise some awesome and interesting events together.

I also think it is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world.



I study EnviroFood (M.Sc.) and did my Bachelor in Agricultural Biology. In 2014, I joined IAAS which was since then a great enrichment of my studies.


IAAS stands for an international exchange among students with agricultural interests. As our nature is the fundament for our daily bread we should start to appreciate it again and work on a sustainable agriculture in an international network.



I made my first experience at IAAS already three years ago, when I travelled to IAAS Thessaloniki in Greece. Since then I am enjoying the awesome teamwork in IAAS Hohenheim. On our trips, I can get to know companies that are directly connected to my major Agribusiness. This helps me to get an objective view into professional practice and increase my motivation.


If you are looking for amazing experience in the agricultural sector – IAAS is a place to be!



I joined IAAS Hohenheim after taking part on a Seminar in Croatia in 2016. Since then I've been enjoying being part of a great team, organizing different kind of events and getting practical insights in agriculture all over the world.

Katharina (Local Director)

I am originally from Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and I'm studying Agricultural Sciences (B.Sc.) since October 2016. 

I joined IAAS in 2017 as it is really captivating how everyone is involved in the team and shares the same interests. 

IAAS gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, travel and learn a lot about different sides of agriculture.


I am studying Food Science and Engineering (M.Sc.). So I am the related science part of the IAAS team at the University of Hohenheim!

I joined IAAS in 2016 because it is a really nice opportunity to get in touch with international students as well as with topics which differ from my study program.


IAAS is a colorful mix of different people who enjoy agriculture!


I am studying Agricultural Sciences (B. Sc.) in Hohenheim since 2016. I joined IAAS in November 2017 after an interesting excursion to John Deere Factory Mannheim organized by the IAAS Team Hohenheim. It is important for me to enhance my education with more practical activities apart from my lectures. So being part of this team is a great opportunity to enrich my time at university and to get to know new people. I am really excited to make great experiences!


I am studying MSc Agricultural Economics because I am concerned about future food security and want to be involved in solving problems as they arise. I joined IAAS so that I could gain more agricultural insights, domestic and foreign, and also so that I could meet awesome people who are enthusiastic about agriculture.

Ann-Kathrin (Financial Affairs)

Wera (Executive Board)